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Sep 20, 2005

IBM and Auriga gave a joint report on international partnership in high-tech outsourcing at IT-Outsourcing Forum (Sept 20-21, 2005)

September 20, 2005 - Alexis Sukharev, President and founder of Auriga, and Siegfried Langer, R&D Relationship Executive, IBM, made a joint report on forming a successful international partnership in high-tech outsourcing at IT-OUTSOURCING FORUM organized by BITKOM, the German industry association for information technology, communications and new media, in Offenbach am Main. The joint report, that truly was a remarkable presentation, highlighted such points as the motivating factors for exploring software outsourcing services from the Russian vendors, the vendor selection process, etc.

Mr. Sukharev spoke on the Russian IT labor force, the general outsourcing landscape of Russia in comparison with India, and on the differences in the Russian and the Indian approaches to outsourcing. He also put the light on the software outsourcing process as seen by a software outsourcing service vendor. Mr. Langer on behalf of IBM shared the valuable hand-on advice for a potential software outsourcing service buyer from the point of view of the corporation, experienced in outsourcing.

The importance of this joint report could not be underestimated – it explored the inside views and practices of both parties, involved into outsourcing process, the lessons learned and the recommendations. With this in mind, it was not a surprise that the joint IBM-Auriga report was that welcome by the business audience at the Forum.

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