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Sep 20, 2005

Auriga spoke on opportunities and challenges of the Russian IT & outsourcing in Germany (Sept 20-21, 2005)

September 21, 2005 – AlexisSukharev, President of Auriga, represented the company, RUSSOFT, and the whole Russian software outsourcing industry at the IT-OUTSOURCING FORUM, organized by BITKOM, the German industry association for information technology, communications and new media, in Offenbach am Main.

Auriga got its membership in BITKOM in 2002, the same year it became a founding member of RUSSOFT. In his report, Alexis spoke on the opportunities and challenges of outsourcing to Russia. Statistics, carefully gathered, analyzed, and cited by Mr. Sukharev, proved that Russia had turned into a favorable outsourcing destination.

As Mr. Sukharev noted, the software outsourcing segment of the Russian IT market had seen a remarkable growth of more than 40% annually over the past few years. Mr. Sukharev saw the following reasons for the increase of the Russian software development service export into the European countries:

  • Improved business environment, government support;
  • Growing maturity of companies as a result of integration into the world IT industry:
    • Improved business practices;
    • Improved software quality and processes maturity;
    • Enhanced project management experience & capability;
    • Rising to best-in-class global quality standards.
  • European-Russian geographical, economic and historical proximity;
  • Strong in-depth educational system and profound scientific knowledge, “genetic memory” of handling complicated R&D projects; inherent creativity and ability for engineering innovations.

The report presented by Mr. Sukharev raised keen interest of the audience, and gave ground for active discussions.

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