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Jun 16, 2005

AURIGA at 5th Russian Software Outsourcing Summit, the most significant annual industry event

ROSS 2005: St. Petersburg, June 15 – 18, 2005

June 6, 2005, Moscow, - AURIGA participated in Russian Software Outsourcing Summit (ROSS) - the largest and most important Russian annual conference dedicated to software development and software export industry. ROSS is traditionally held in St. Petersburg and this year Summit celebrated 5th anniversary. Summit 2005 brought together more than 500 participants from more than 150 countries.

AURIGA has always participated in ROSS by presenting software outsourcing best practices. AURIGA’s President Alexis Sukharev moderated one of the most important Round Tables in the ROSS program. Round Table dedicated to Government support and cooperation with software outsourcing industry was held on June 16 at 12 p.m. Russian Government plans to stimulate growth in software exports, recent legislative initiatives and current industry needs were discussed by competent officials. Representatives from Russian Federation Council, State Duma, Ministry of IT and Communications were invited to speak from the government side. Valentin Makarov, Russian Software Development Industry Association (RUSSOFT) President, addressed industry interests. Discussion also included debate on how Indian experience in software export stimulation can be applied to Russia and will Russian government initiatives lead to the similar results that India achieved. The special attention was paid to the recent Ministry of Economic Development initiative - law on special economic zones implementation. Round table participants shared opinions regarding potential of this particular law to protect Russian software outsourcing industry interests.

Meet us at ROSS’2005 exhibition (June 15-17) and Round Table (June 16, 12 p.m.) ROSS official web-site:

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