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May 3, 2005

"Adoption of Open-source code in proprietary products" – AURIGA shares its experience

The First Open Source Forum Russia was held in Moscow on April 27-29, 2005

May 3, Moscow, Russia, - The Russia’s 1st Open Source Forum took place in Moscow, Russia last week. AURIGA spoke on applying open source programs to the variety of complex software development projects. The report was based on company’s experience in performing multi-layered tasks for outsourcing projects.

The Forum has been the first conference and exhibition, which brought together leaders of the Russian, American and European OS industry, companies interested in using reliable and efficient Linux-based technologies as well as IT companies that run businesses based on Open Source. The key topics of the Forum were security of Linux products, benefits of using them in governmental institutions and business prospects. Several globally renowned IT figures participated in the Forum’s work. The charismatic Jon Hall (Linux International) and the “Father of Perl programming language” Larry Wall delivered key note presentations.

AURIGA, one of the leading Russian software outsourcing companies presented the report on the adoption of Open-source code in proprietary products. Dmitry Zavalishin, AURIGA project manager, addressed software project managers, developers and system architects. The report provided a valuable insight into how proprietary, commercial software products can benefit from Open Source in legal ways that comply with the usual license terms of Open Source code. A correct Open Source usage in proprietary products may significantly reduce development time and costs. There is a rich variety of Open Source usages in a product life cycle which is not limited by Open Source code incorporation into a product's sources.

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