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Jan 14, 2004

Auriga Senior Executive to Share Insider’s View of Winning or Losing Through Offshoring

Bart Higgins, Senior Account Executive at Auriga Inc., an American-Russian provider of offshore, offsite, and onshore software development services, will make a presentation on "Winning or losing through offshoring" at this year's Thought Leadership seminar to be held on January 15, 2004 in Boston, MA. The event is organized by the Institute for Global Innovation Management at Northeastern University and will focus on strategic implications of outsourcing.

Bart Higgins, an expert in the software industry and in business process outsourcing, will give his insider's view of a thorny issue of offshoring. Bart will highlight the intrinsic strengths and weaknesses of the offshore delivery model, and provide insights into some risks associated with offshore outsourcing, as well as opportunities that are often overlooked and that deserve attention.

Bart Higgins recently joined Auriga from Infosys Technologies Ltd., one of India's largest offshore outsourcing providers. He was one of the top salespeople in Infosys history and specialized in creating and managing the company's largest accounts. At Auriga, which is one of Russia's leading offshore software providers, Bart is responsible for developing strategic relationships with IT executives.

"Offshore outsourcing can bring a lot of benefits to U.S. companies, but has risks to the U.S. economy if companies do not approach offshoring prudently," said Bart Higgins. "This presentation is intended to provide examples and provoke thought on how to best harness offshoring for the long-term benefit of the U.S."

Seminar details:
Date: Thursday, January 15, 2004
Time: 3:00-4:30 PM
Location: Northeastern University, Dodge Hall 270 (College of Business Administration), 324 Huntington Avenue, Boston MA
Admission: Free

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