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Sep 12, 2003

Auriga President Stresses the Need to Raise Awareness of Russia Technology Opportunities for German Businesses

AMHERST, NH — Russia's unique technology potential for Russian-German collaboration in offshore IT outsourcing was revealed by Auriga President Dr. Alexis Sukharev at the "Offshore Application Development" conference held in Mainz, September 9-10, 2003.

The conference highlighted benefits of offshore outsourcing to Germany's IT industry. Through case studies and best practice presentations, the conference participants from around the world unveiled the path to successful offshore IT outsourcing and shared insights on how to craft a winning outsourcing strategy, calculate the ROI of the new strategy, select the right offshore vendor, and avoid the most common outsourcing risks.

"The conference provided a unique learning opportunity and a chance to take the pulse of outsourcing which is emerging as a powerful global trend shaping companies' business strategies," said Alexis Sukharev, President of Auriga, Inc. "German companies have only started to accept that offshore IT outsourcing can be a reliable way of doing business. The two-day event in Mainz helped German IT and business executives recognize the benefits of outsourcing that extend well beyond cost savings. It also raised awareness of Russia's huge potential and unique technology capabilities which can benefit German high-tech businesses."

Auriga, Inc. is one of the first software services companies that have made Russian IT talent available to U.S. and Western European companies. Auriga has a solid track record of successful offshore service delivery for a diverse customer base, including Germany's Force Computers and Siemens, among others. As a member of Russia's National Software Development Association (RUSSOFT) and Germany's Association for Information Technology, Telecommunications and New Media (BITKOM), Auriga has been active in fostering Russian-German business dialogue in information technology and encouraging business partnerships between industry associations and companies in both countries.

"German companies – technology users as well as IT companies - have a huge cost pressure now and think more and more about outsourcing and software offshoring as a powerful business strategy," said Dr. Mathias Weber, Head of the ICT Services Department at BITKOM. "Currently, Russian offshore software suppliers are not well-known on the German market. On the contrary, large-scale Indian IT services providers have improved their presence in Germany and Central and Western Europe over the past two years through their subsidiaries or branches. Large-scale Russian IT services providers like Auriga, Reksoft, Luxoft, Digital Design, or Aplana have to strengthen their efforts to extend their reach to potential customers. The Associations RUSSOFT and BITKOM may assist with this effort."

The conference in Mainz brought together senior IT and business executives, customers and offshore providers, leaders of IT associations from Germany, Russia, and India. This focused event offered not only unique learning and networking opportunities for those in attendance, but a chance to begin and build outsourcing relationships so important to business success.

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