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Aug 22, 2003

Auriga Unveils Russian Technology Opportunities for German IT Industry

AMHERST, NH — Auriga, Inc., an Amherst-based IT consultancy with a well-established software engineering center in Russia, will join in the effort to boost Russian-German bilateral business and technology cooperation during the Road Show across Germany to be held October 21 through October 29, 2003.

The road show intends to bring together Russia's leading offshore software services suppliers and German IT and business communities of Hamburg, Munich, and Berlin to explore relationships in the area of offshoring in Russia. Seminars, roundtable discussions, and networking events are planned during the Road Show. These focused activities will feature unique Russian technology capabilities and present the benefits of offshore outsourcing in Russia for the declining German economy.

Auriga brings to Germany its twelve-year experience of successful offshore service delivery for U.S. and Western European clients, including Germany's Force Computers and Siemens, among others. "The spread of offshore outsourcing represents an emerging global trend in the world economy. Russia has an untapped pool of the superior engineering talent that is capable of satisfying the needs of the entire IT industry of the county like Germany," said Sergei Riabov, Director of Business Development at Auriga, who will represent Auriga at the event. "The Road Show offers a window of opportunity for German high-tech businesses to capitalize on the unique potential of Russian IT resources. Auriga's experience is proof positive of the fact that Russian software services suppliers are reliable and competent partners in offshore engagements."

The Road Show is a joint event organized by FORT-ROSS IT Services Consortium, RUSSOFT Association and Germany's BITKOM Association. It also launches the first "Russian IT Season" in Europe organized by Fort Ross in the wake of the first two successful Russian IT Seasons in the United States held in 2002 and 2003.

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