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Press about Auriga

Jul 10, 2003

The Offshore Thing

New Hampshire Business Review,
Cindy Kibbe

Amherst firm aids Russian IT outsourcing study

Auriga, Inc, an Amherst-based software services supplier, has co-sponsored a report with the Aberdeen Group, an information technologies consulting firm, on the growing Russian offshore IT outsourcing industry.

Alexis Sukharev of Amherst-based Auriga Inc.
says his firm is working "to improve
awareness of the Russian Software services
industry among U.S. businesses and IT

The report, "Software Development in Russia: A Buyer’s Guide to the Russian Software Development and Services Export Industry," is the first such report to present research on Russian IT outsourcing based on U.S. and multinational client feedback. The report cites Auriga as one of the first U.S. companies to hybridize its business by using Russian talent.

The firm's business development director, Sergei Riabov, said that Aberdeen approached the firm for the study because of its experience in the offshore IT outsourcing market.

"We have succeeded on every project we've done," said Riabov "Quality and longevity are important and you build a client base on your history."

While many companies are augmenting their ancillary services with skilled low-cost labor from overseas, Auriga is one of a few but growing number of firms that are using foreign labor for its core business.

Having successfully employed offshore outsourcing solutions for more than 12 years, Riabov said, Auriga has been able to reduce costs and remain competitive by developing and refining a business model that combines account and project management services in Amherst with engineering and development resources in Moscow.

Dr. Alexis Sukharev, president and founder of Auriga, said the report "underscores Auriga's commitment to improve awareness of the Russian software services industry among U.S. businesses and IT decision-makers, to open the potential of the Russian market for a broader range of U.S. companies and to explore the benefits of cooperation between the technology industries of the two countries."

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