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Jul 13, 2014

Auriga is All Set Up for SECR 2014

For the seventh year in a row, Auriga’s employees plan to participate in the key annual software event in Central and Eastern Europe – the Software Engineering Conference in Russia. In 2014, the conference will take place October 23–25 in Moscow. As usual, the program will include workshops, round tables, discussions, and, most importantly, presentations of the established software development industry from international and Russian experts. Full papers will be published in ACM Digital Library.

In the previous years, Auriga’s experts were always included in the event’s program, and in 2013 Igor Markov’s presentation Face Detection and Classification on Mobile Devices was recognized as one of 15 best regular presentations.

In 2014, eight papers have been submitted to the SECR Program committee by Auriga’s engineers:

  1. Qt Library in safety-critical systems, Sergey Gatilov, Sergey Ivanov
  2. Video Capturing for Unity-powered games on Android, Ilya Aleshkov
  3. Testing Process Organization And Management In High Risks Environment, Leonid Migunov
  4. Agile Methods In Medical Software Development, Tatyana Goryacheva
  5. Analysis of usage of MQ frameworks in systems with Highly Availability requirements, Andrey Kazakov, Kirill Bunchukov
  6. Static Analyzer Utilization Efficiency in the Projects with a Large Number of Lines of Code, Alexander Kazansky
  7. Formal Selection Criteria For Database Technology Using UML And IDEF Models, Oleg Dyrdin
  8. Medical Software Development: International Standards Requirements And Practice, Ayrat Sadykov

You can find abstracts for all presentations on the event’s website. Submitted papers will be reviewed by the Program committee and only the best of the best will be selected for the participation in the event. However, the Program committee will consider all the votes cast for the presentations on the website in order to compile the most interesting and challenging topics for discussion during the conference.

We invite everyone to vote for the presentations you like and look forward to meeting you in October in the Digital OctoberCenter in Moscow.

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