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Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOSs)

Real-time (RT) components are integral parts of many industrial and embedded IT solutions. RT systems range from simple communication boards to mission-critical avionic or medical distributed systems where technology maturity is of ultimate importance. Auriga delivers time-proven quality in real-time operating systems design, development, and optimization made for real-time control, precision, and high reliability.

Within the last 20+ years, Auriga has accumulated significant experience in:

  • RTOS kernel development
  • RTOS maintenance and sustaining engineering
  • RTOS migration in both software and hardware platforms
  • Device driver and subsystem development
  • Complex communication software development
  • Quality assurance, including custom testing tool development and implementation

Auriga’s engineers have extensive hands-on experience working with LynxOS, VxWorks, OSE, pSOS, and QNX. 

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