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Video Encoding System for Xilinx Platform

Client: a large telecom provider Scope : development of a new digital/analog wireless video- and audio transmission system based on a new coding algorithm tolerant to the loss (distortion) of the fragments of the coded signal, designed to use with special equipment. Tasks: To develop a compression and en/decoding algorithm, consistent ...

Modified: 02.04.2014
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Examination Audio and Video Surveillance System

Client: Government agency of education, associated to the Ministry of education Scope: to develop and deploy an exam audio and video surveillance software integrated into the main exam system Project Features ŸIntegration with the main IS ŸAudio and video recording, processing to video/audio files ŸCorresponding data storage, search and manipulation mechanisms developed ŸActs ...

Modified: 12.03.2014
Path: Auriga / Сustomers / Case Studies / View
Patient Monitor Video Capture and Display

Auriga has implemented several solutions related to using video in medical devices, including: A solution to display the VGA output of one patient monitor in a separate tab of another patient monitor. The solution integrated 3 rd -party VGA-to-USB conversion software and hardware with patient monitor, and added ...

Modified: 07.02.2014
Path: Auriga / Сustomers / Case Studies / View
National High School Graduation Exams Information System – Development and Maintenance

... behavior, along with distributed nature of the system, requested special data storage and access logic to be implemented with very large number of extra highly-optimized structures, queries and stored procedures ŸSupporting systems, such us exam audio and video surveillance software integrated into the main exam system (with corresponding data storage, search and manipulation mechanisms), act as an initial data registration point for oral exams ŸSpecial, embedded software for high performance exam answer ...

Modified: 12.05.2016
Path: Auriga / Сustomers / Case Studies / View
Result 1 - 4 of 4
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