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Models: Resource Augmentation

Although the resource augmentation model doesn’t allow using the full potential of Auriga as a company, this approach was also successfully implemented for a number of Auriga clients. Being founded by a professor of Moscow State University and keeping good ties with MSU and other top Russian technical Universities since then, Auriga can provide highly experienced technical experts to augment an existing engineering team under your management. The services provided by Auriga for this model are limited to recruiting, basic facilities and IT helpdesk support, but getting an access to the rich pool of talented IT resources is invaluable in the situations when you experience resource shortage for your projects.

Some facts about one of our key strengths—our people:

  • Best academic resources in Moscow: 40% of engineers are from Moscow State University—the highest rated technical university in Russia
  • Access to the best regional resources in Nizhny Novgorod: best technical universities outside Moscow
    • Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University (founded in 1898, 12 departments, over 18,000 students)
    • N.Novgorod University (founded in 1916, 26,000 students) is one of Top 10 Microsoft Partner Universities
  • Highly experienced engineers: more than 9 years of experience at average
  • Modern Training Center: created in cooperation with Moscow State University and providing internal training programs and training as an external service
  • Low attrition and rotation
  • Proficiency in English: 5 full-time English teachers working at Auriga

Please refer to the Skills and Technologies  page for more information on the technical skills possessed by our experts.