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Solutions: For Companies Starting and Expanding Business in Russia

Auriga has gained rich experience in providing not only pure software design, development, and testing, but also the accompanying professional services—such as product support, customization, integration, deployment, and consulting. This experience allows us to help the high-tech/software companies seeking to start/expand sales of their products in Russia. An important part of entering a new geographical market is establishing a solution for providing local technical services for the users of the product—consulting, support, localization, integration into custom solutions. This task is especially challenging for small and medium companies who don’t have resources to establish a local representative office in every geographical market using internal resources. This is the challenge that Auriga can take up for you. Due to the unique value that we can offer for SMEs and product companies, Auriga is one of the best partners in establishing a local technical representative office. Please refer to 360° Support for Product Companies page for more information on what we can do.

Please refer to the Skills and Technologies  page for more information on the technical skills possessed by our experts.