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Facts and Milestones : 1990-1994

1993 - 1994

  • Auriga gained the status of Hewlett-Packard's exclusive Business Partner for Moscow and Moscow Region within the Packard Initiative.
  • Incorporation of Auriga, Inc. in New Mexico, USA.
  • Starting up the first offshore system programming projects in real-time area for Aquila Technologies Group, Inc. and Encore, Inc. including:
    • UNIX System V Rel. 4.2 Porting to Alpha-based RISC computer with VME bus;
    • Development and implementation of instrumental software;
    • Development of kernel facilities in DIGITAL UNIX to support new devices or boards;
    • Development and implementation of drivers in DIGITAL UNIX environment for VME devices.

1991 - 1992

  • First offshore project launched for ADE Corp. in Statistical Process Control and Quality Assurance.
  • Design and implementation of database application for Hewlett-Packard to track contracts with outside consulting companies and independent contractors for several HP entities, monitor the completion time and project status, and generate reports on the financial status for the projects.


  • The company founded in Moscow, Russia. Named Infort initially, later turned to Auriga, Inc. Designed to develop offshore software projects for customers worldwide.