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Collaboration solutions and portals

Auriga has gained extensive experience in the development of a complete portal infrastructure with a focus on people-centric integration of various types of business information. Our solutions help companies combine all types of data and content and transform them into well-structured assets, decreasing the time required to locate and access information and providing collaboration transparency to ensure efficient daily operations within the company.

Auriga is proficient in the following areas:

  • Data import/export tools
  • Business flow automation
  • Individual, project, and team workspace automation
  • Business intelligence modules based on business processes in place
  • Dashboards, discussion boards, blogs, forums, Wikis
  • Mailing and instant messaging modules
  • Document management and workflow automation
  • Search engine optimization
  • Workspaces for individual, team, and project work
  • Video-conferencing and operational live meetings
  • Secure mobile e-mail and SMS services
  • Integration and remote access to third-party ERP and BI systems
  • Intranet/internet portals for geographically distributed teams and branches

In their day-to-day work, Auriga engineers use the most prominent and time-proven tools and technologies: Java, J2EE, JBoss, .Net, MS Sharepoint, Documentum, XML, HTML, JavaScript, IBM WebSphere, BEA WebLogic, Tomcat, Apache, Microsoft IIS, etc.

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