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Compilers, Simulators, Development Tools

Developing system-level solutions often goes hand-in-hand with creating tools for engineers that will be using those system components. Operating systems need development toolchains and IDEs, support for new hardware requires updates to compilers and debuggers, and so on.

When looking for the right team to deal with such projects, you need engineers experienced in several areas:

  • system internals and various architectures
  • algorithm optimization: increasing performance, minimizing memory usage, etc.
  • ergonomic user interface design

Auriga has gained expertise in all these areas and performed numerous projects, including:

  • compiler testing and optimization for several customers
  • distributed kernel debugger and hypervisor design
  • virtual devices and controllers for simulation environment implementation
  • UIs for mobile apps, online services, medical device design
  • Eclipse-based IDEs implementation
  • Auriga proprietary DSLs for complex configuration task development

To view the project details, please see the list below. To put Auriga’s experience to work on your project or simply to learn more, please contact us using the form at the right of the page or any other convenient method.

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