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Summary: iOS mobile software developmentmobile customer's applications, embedded, system level.

iOS mobile operating system

iOSUsed on the Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod, iOS is an important platform that supports any application that needs to be employed by mobile users. Considering that there are two hundred and fifty million iOS devices, there are thirty-three million App Store users, and iOS has a reputation as the most advanced and user-friendly mobile platform, there is strong support for employing iOS for your products.

Thus, it comes as no surprise that Auriga treats iOS as one of the key platforms and provides a full set of services for it. Auriga is a member of the Apple Developer Platform, and we have developed a variety of iOS-targeted development projects, often solving significant tasks for our clients and striving to match the high expectations of the platform when it comes to UI design.

Here are some examples of projects Auriga has performed for its customers:

  • The development of a multimedia content player kit – a development platform for iOS-based applications designed to demonstrate multimedia content on mobile devices
  • Assisting a mobile client with Dropbox-like cloud-based storage with special emphasis on multimedia content
  • The development of an on-line transport-booking application that tracks car dispatch/arrival using map view in real-time mode
  • The development of a credit card holder’s mobile informer system for a large Eastern European commercial bank subsidiary with an implemented search engine for locating the nearest ATMs and offices (with map view) and service providers (stores and restaurants) participating in the bank-affiliate program
  • The development of a comprehensive mobile-banking application for the management of customers’ bank accounts, transactions, and payments
  • The development of a map-navigation application for an auto media center that displays city maps installed on an iOS device connected to an auto player

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